3 New Incredible Features In Instagram That Got Introduced in 2023


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As the world’s most popular visual social media platform, Instagram is always updating its features to improve the user experience. This year, Instagram has introduced three new incredible features that can benefit digital marketing efforts.


Let’s take a closer look at these new features of Instagram


Interactive Stickers

Many of the interactive stickers that have been available on Instagram stories are now available on reels. Marketers and content creators can use the following stickers in their reels to engage their audience:

  1. Poll: Get your followers’ opinions or have them vote on what your next bit of content should be.
  2. Quiz: Test your audience’s knowledge or use this feature to teach them something new.
  3. Emoji Slider: Allow viewers to show how your content or a specific topic makes them feel.

These interactive stickers are an excellent way to increase engagement on your Instagram reels. By using these stickers, you can also get valuable insights into what your audience thinks and feels about your content.


Grid Pinning

Instagram’s new grid-pinning feature allows you to pin a piece of content to the top of your profile. This feature is excellent for bringing attention to an ongoing promotion, showcasing an event, or highlighting your most popular content. To pin a post, select the reel or photo you wish to pin, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the post, and select “Pin to your profile.” The post will then appear at the top of your grid. By using the grid pinning feature, you can ensure that your most important content is visible to your audience. This can also help drive traffic to your website or other social media channels.


Captions Sticker

Instagram’s caption sticker was initially only available for stories, but the app has recently expanded it to reels. This feature automatically converts what someone says in a video into text so that users can watch without sound. Now, audiences can engage with your videos — with or without sound. This feature also takes a big step toward making Instagram content more accessible. By using the caption sticker, you can increase the reach of your Instagram Reels by making them more accessible to people with hearing impairments. This can help you reach a wider audience and increase engagement on your posts.


All these new features of Instagram are designed to help marketers and content creators improve their engagement rates, increase visibility, and make their content more accessible. By using these features, you can take your Instagram marketing efforts to the next level.


Instagram is always updating its platform and introducing new features to improve user experience, while also providing better ways to use existing features. If you’re looking for assistance with your digital marketing efforts, our team at Spectrum Solutions is here to help. Visit us today at https://spectrumoman.com/ to learn more about our services.

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